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Անգլերեն 17.5.2022

Jack and the beanstalk

English 1.5.2022

English 26.4.2022

English 24.4.2022

The magic fish

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English 3.4.2022

Անգլերեն 15․3․2022

Dialogue 8․3․2022

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English 1.3.2022

English 27.2.2022

English 22.2.2022

The magic paintbrush

English 5.2.2022

English 1.2.2022

Անգլերեն 17.5.2022


Marianne is the girl whose father is a dentist.

The new house which my parents bought is very big.

A spoon is something which we use to eat with.

Robbie Williams is a singer who has sung in many concerts

A doctor is a person who treats ill people.

This is a sofa which we bought in may.

I like people who are happy and kind.

Radiohead is the band which I like best.

Kevin is the boy who lives next door.


Amanda is the girl whose family owns a bakery.

3 This is the necklace which I want to buy.

I like books which have interesting pictures.

5 A nurse is a person who works in a hospital.

6 I met two girls who are twins.

Jack and the beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. He lived with his
mother. They were very poor. All they had was a cow.
One morning, Jack’s mother told Jack to take their cow to market
and sell her. On the way, Jack met a man. He gave Jack some magic
beans for the cow.
Jack took the beans and went back home. When Jack’s mother saw the beans she was very angry.
She threw the beans out of the window.
The next morning, Jack looked out of the window. There was a giant beanstalk. He went outside and
started to climb the beanstalk.
He climbed up to the sky through the clouds. Jack saw a beautiful castle. He went inside.
Jack heard a voice. ‘Fee, fi, fo, fum!’ Jack ran into a cupboard.
An enormous giant came into the room and sat down. On the table there was a hen and a golden
‘Lay!’ said the giant. The hen laid an egg. It was made of gold. ‘Sing!’ said the giant. The harp began to
sing. Soon the giant was asleep.
Jack jumped out of the cupboard. He took the hen and the harp. Suddenly, the harp sang, ‘Help,
The giant woke up and shouted, ‘Fee, fi, fo, fum!’ Jack ran and started climbing down the beanstalk.
The giant came down after him.
Jack shouted, ‘Mother! Help!’ Jack’s mother took an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. The giant
fell and crashed to the ground. Nobody ever saw him again.
With the golden eggs and the magic harp, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after

English 26.4.2022

Planes are faster than ships. Ships are more slower than planes. Ships are not fast as planes.

Trains are more expensive than buses. Buses are more cheaper then trains. Buses are not expensive as trains.

Կարմիր շրջազգեստը ավելի թանկ է, քան կապույտը

The red dress is more expensive than the blue one.

Իմ սենյակը ավելի մաքուր է քան քո սենյակը

My room cleaner than your room.

Իմ պայուսակը ավելի հին է, քան Նարեի պայուսակը

My bag is older than Nares bag.

Լևոնը ամենաբարձրահասակ տղան է դասարանում

Levon is the tallest boy in the class.

Այս դասասենյակը ամենակեղտոտն է դպրոցում

This classroom is dirtiest in the school.

English 24.4.2022

To eat

He is eating egg now.

Usually he eats egg at morning.

He ate egg yesterday at morning.

He will eat egg tomorrow at morning.

to catch

I am catching a fish now.

Usually I catch fish in the river

Yesterday I caught fish in the river

Tomorrow I will catch fish in the river

 to watch

Grandfather is watching football now.

Grandfather watches football every nights.

Grandfather watched football yesterday at nights.

Grandfather will watch football today at night.

to go

I am going to my friend’s house.

Usually I go to my friend’s house.

yesterday I went to my friend`s house.

I well go to my friend’s house at weekends.

to help

I am helping my friend to do homework now.

I help my friend to do homework.

I helped my friend to do homework 2days ago.

I well help my friend to do homework today in evening

The magic fish

Every day, Robert’s grandfather went fishing. One day, Robert
asked to go too.
‘Well, I want to catch the magic fish. The first person to eat it will
become the cleverest person in the world. Can you help me?’
‘Yes!’ said Robert, and they went fishing.
First, they caught a yellow fish with purple spots. ‘Wow! Is that the magic fish?’ asked Robert.
‘No,’ said his grandfather.
Then they caught a blue fish with red stripes. ‘Is that the magic fish?’ asked Robert.
‘No,’ said his grandfather.
Suddenly, they caught a big, beautiful silver fish with pink and green diamonds. Robert’s
grandfather jumped for joy. It was the magic fish! They started to cook the fish, and his
grandfather went to get some more wood. He asked Robert to watch the fish, but not to eat
any of it.
Robert watched the fish very carefully. He saw a tiny bubble on its tail. He touched it with his
finger. Pop! The bubble burst. The fish was very hot and burnt his finger. Ouch! He put his
finger in his mouth.
When his grandfather came back, he saw that something was different. ‘Did you touch the
fish?’ asked his grandfather.
‘Yes, I’m sorry,’ said Robert.
His grandfather sighed a happy sigh and gave Robert a big hug. ‘The magic fish chose you.
You are the cleverest boy in the world, and I am the proudest grandfather ever!’

Անգլերեն 12.4.2022


Hi Amy were you at home last weekend?

No I was not .My family and I went to the beach. We often go to the beach at weekends.

you are lucky. Did you have a nice time?

Oh yes I had a great time.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at my grandparents house .

Oh do they live near the beach?

Yes they do. Their house is right by the the beach

Wow! That`s cool. And what did you do there?

We walked along the beach and swim in the sea that sounds like a lot of fun

English 3.4.2022

Did you go to work yesterday

No I never working on Saturdays

Did you see Charles yesterday

yes we had lunch together

does Colin work at a bank

No he works at a post office

What time do you start school every day

eight o`clock but yesterday we started at eight thirty

what do you do at weekends

we usually go to the beach

did you do anything exciting last Saturday

No not really. I watched tv and read a book it was a boring weekend.

Անգլերեն 15․3․2022

Edward usually goes to home by train, but yesterday he went to home by taxi.

Edward usually eat dinner at home, but yesterday he ate dinner at restaurant.

Edward usually goes to bed early, but yesterday he went to bed late.


Every morning he drinks a cup of tea

We are going to school now.

Dad is talking to Mum at the moment.

He usually watches football every Saturday afternoon

I always do my homework.

Look the baby is walking.