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We Are All Born Free and Equal

David lives in a small town with his family. The town is pretty ordinary. Everyone goes to school, everyone goes to work at the town’s factory, and no one asks any strange questions.

But David is different. He does not want to go to school. He wants to work and help his family. He does not want to work at the town’s factory, though. He wants to open his own store. And he always asks these strange questions about «why do you do this?» and «why don’t you do that?»

Everyone laughs at him and no one really takes him seriously. No one except his friend Orlando. Orlando looks at David as a person with his own thoughts and ideas. He treats him respectfully. Orlando likes David, even though they disagree.

Time goes by and David grows his business. His hard work and sharp mind pay off, and he now has a chain of stores. He is a wealthy man.

He rarely comes to visit his hometown. But when he does, there is one thing he always remembers. He always remembers his good friend Orlando, and their respectful friendship. And now that he can, he always helps him in times of need.

2. Read the story “We Are All Born Free and Equal” just below it.

3. Do the exercise at the bottom of the page

English homework 20-24

  1. What type of bird does the text mention?


2. What are the four most popular pets in the world.

dog.cat. bird. fish

3. Where have people got crickets as pets?

In China and Japan

4.Where have people got baby seals at pets?

In norther Canada

5. Do hissing cockroaches bite?


6. What have kangaroos and sugar gliders both got?

Pocket for babies.

My favorite pet

I haven’t got any favorite pet.

English homework

My aunt has got a house in the country . I often go and see her at the weekend.

Let’s watch a DVD. I have got a lot of them.

Has your brother got a bike?

they have got a new drummer in their band. She’s great.

this computer is too expensive for me. I have not got enough money to buy it.

Have they got a dog?

I have not got your phone number. Can you tell me what it is.


I have got a big family .

We have got a big house.

My best friend have got a brother.

I have got a bicycele.

I have got a computer

I have got a sister.

English homework 6-10

Jo is in a half marathon race

The four friends want to go and watch the race

They think the race starts at 11 o’clock.

They ask the woman for directions to Gordon park.

When they get to the park the race is finished

Jo is very happy to see the four friends.

1 really Kate

Wait a minute Mark

I have one idea Darren

Actually Jo

I’ve got a DVD of a great film lets watch it .

well actually I’m very tired. Can we watch it tomorrow.

Paula- what’s that boy over there?

I have no idea Lat’s go and ask his name.

Where’s the park

I don’t know wait a minute look I think that’s the park over there.

New year in France

Many European countries, including France, consider Christmas to be the most important time of the year. The Christmas tree is one of the most popular French traditions of Christmas. It has become an iconic figure of Christmas since its origins in the 16th century.
For decorating the Christmas tree French people have a wide choice of ornaments, blinking fairy light and star at the top. “Père Noël” is Santa Claus in France. Like in any places celebrating Christmas, the French Père Noël wears a red suit and hat.